3 Facts You Should Know About Posting Bail Bonds

If you are not familiar with the use of bail bonds to secure your or a loved one's release from jail, there are a few facts that you should know about the way these bonds work. Taking the time to review these facts will help you to best utilize bail bonds services and ultimately ensure that your bond is not revoked. 

Fact #1: You Do Not Have To Wait Until After You Are Arrested To Arrange A Bail Bond

If you have a warrant out for your arrest or if you anticipate being arrested in connection with a criminal investigation, you can take a proactive approach to secure your release by visiting a bail bondsman before you are arrested. This will allow you to complete the paperwork necessary to secure a bond before surrendering to law enforcement. The benefit of taking this approach is that you can be sure your bond is in place and that you will be released from custody as soon as your arrest is processed. Taking this approach will also allow you to avoid asking a family member or friend to post bail on your behalf. 

Fact #2: Bail Bonds Will Not Automatically Transfer To Any New Charges

In some cases, not all criminal charges against an individual will be filed simultaneously. Oftentimes this happens because law enforcement does not have enough evidence to justify the additional charges until they are able to conduct searches as part of the original arrest. If you anticipate additional charges being filed against you or a loved one, you should know that the original bond used to secure their release after being arrested will not automatically transfer to these new charges. In order to ensure their continued release, you may need to obtain a secondary bond for any new charges that are filed. 

Fact #3: You May Be Required To Check In With Your Bondsman After Each Court Appearance

In most cases, it will be your responsibility to check in with your bondsman after each court appearance in order to inform them of any activity on your case and to verify that you were present for your court appearance. If you fail to follow through with this requirement, your bond could be revoked even if you were present in court. Consequently, it is vital that you are aware of all your responsibilities under your bond contract and that you follow through with these responsibilities if you wish to maintain the status of your bond. 

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