Posting Bail For A Loved One: 3 Common Problems A Bail Bondsman Can Help With

While the process of posting bail for a loved one who has been arrested may seem rather simple at first, this process can quickly become far more complex for many people. In most cases the problems that people encounter can be attributed to one of a few rather common issues. Thankfully, the services of a bail bondsman can often help people to address these issues and successfully secure their loved ones release. Continue reading below to learn more about three of the rather common problems that you can count on a bondsman to help you navigate.

Problem #1: Not Enough Money To Post Cash Bail

Perhaps the most common issue that people run into when posting bail is that they simple do not have enough cash on hand to cover the full bail amount. The option of securing a bail bond can help with this problem since bonds only require a percentage of the bail amount rather than the full amount of the bail. The exact payment required to secure a bond will depend on the amount of the bail, the charges against the defendant, and the defendants criminal history. 

Problem #2: Unable To Get To The Jail In Person

There are a variety of different circumstances that may prevent an individual from appearing at the local jail in person in order to post bail. For example, the family member who wishes to post bail may live in a different city or state. This individual may also suffer from medical problems that limit their mobility. Regardless of the reason for your inability to appear in person, the fact is that you cannot successfully post cash bail without going down to the jail. Thankfully there is the option of posting a bail bond instead. Since this bond is provided to the jail by the bondsman rather than by you, it is possible for you to successfully post bond without ever stepping foot in the jail. In fact, in some cases you will even be able to secure a bail bond over the phone or through the internet as long as you are able to provide the necessary documentation and payment.

Problem #3: The Bail Office Has Already Closed For The Day

While the process of arresting and detaining people continues 24/7, the ability to pay cash bail to secure a person's release is not always available around the clock. In fact it is quite common for jails to only accept cash bail payments during regular office hours. This can be a rather serious problem if your loved one happens to be arrested after the bail office has closed for the day and you are hoping to prevent them from spending the night in jail. In this situation, choosing to post a bail bond rather than posting cash bail can prove to be the answer you are looking for. This is because, while cash bail payments may only be processed during certain hours, many bondsman will offer their services 24 hours a day. Look into local bail bonds services near you.