How a Bail Bond Agreement Works

You'll end up in jail after an arrest, but it does not have to be where you stay while you wait to settle your criminal charges. Most people do not want to remain in jail, though, so they contact a bail bond agent for help. When you make this call, you work out an agreement with the bail bond agent. Are you wondering how this agreement works? If so, here is the answer.

You Provide the Agent with Your Information

The first part of a bail bond agreement is your information. The agent will ask you for your name, address, social security number, and other details about yourself. Next, they will ask questions relating to the reason for the arrest. They may ask you what the charges are that landed you in jail. They may want to know if you have pending charges, and they may ask about your criminal history.

Bail bond agents cannot create agreements without knowing all the facts about who you are and the nature of the crime. Keep in mind that a bail bond agent will not entirely take your word for it. Instead, the agent will research some things before continuing with the agreement.

The Agent Researches the Information and Decides

The agent takes this information and researches it. The goal is to find out if the bail bond agent can trust you. If so, the agent will move forward with assisting you with your release. Before the agent can do this, you must pay a fee, which is 10% to 15% of the court-ordered bail. You cannot get out without paying the fee with cash, credit, or collateral.  

The Agent Pays the Bail and the Jail Sets You Free

The agent will pay your bail to the jail once you pay the fee and sign the agreement. The jail then sets you free, but you can return to jail for the charges you face. If you do not want to return to jail, you should read the agreement and follow everything it says. If you do this, you can settle your case in court and settle with the bail bond agent.

Once the jail releases you, you must abide by the arrangement in place with the jail, court, and bail bond agency. If you do not, you will return to jail. Talk to a bail bondsman today for more details about how this works.