How To Get Out Of Jail After An Arrest

If you are arrested and taken to jail, there are a few things you need to consider. Whether you are going to have bail assigned or have to stay in jail is important to know. If you do have a bail option, knowing who you can call to get the bail paid and get out of jail is essential.

Bonding Out

If you are giving a bail amount after you are processed into the jail by the arresting officer, you may want to use your phone call to find a bail bondsman to pay your bail so you can get out of jail. The jail more than likely has a list of local bail bondsman that can come and get you out of jail, but there are some things you need to do before the bondsman pays your bail. 

The bondsman is going to pay your bail with their money, and they need to know that you will appear in court so that they get the money back later. If they have any doubt that you will be there, they will not pay the bail, and you will not be able to leave jail. 

The jail will more than likely allow you to meet with the bondsman in the jail to try and get them to bail you out, but they do not have to allow you to have visitors, so it is vital that you follow all the rules they give you. 

Bail Fees

The bail bondsman is not going to bail you out of jail for free. The typical fee that you need to pay is about ten percent of the bail, and often the bondsman will want that upfront. For most people, that means calling friends or family to raise the cash and get the fees taken care of before you can leave the jail. The fee is not refundable and is the bondsman fee for loaning you the money to pay your bail. 

Bail Revocation

The bondsman will put up the bail for you after the contract is signed and the fees are paid. Still, they can revoke your bond and return you to jail if you do not follow the terms of your bail while you await your court appearance, so it essential that you follow the rules outlined in the bail contract and the show up for court.  If the bondsman is concerned about you appearing, they may require regular check-ins to ensure everything is going well, and you are going to appear in court.