Considering Jail Rather Than Bail? Reasons This Isn’t a Good Idea

You've recently been arrested, and you have two options available: Sit in jail and wait for your trial or be released with the assistance of a bail bondsman. You're considering sitting a jail cell for a few days or weeks rather than spending the money to post bail. While this might seem financially sensible, there are several reasons why it is almost always the best option to get bailed out.

Here are a few of the many reasons that you should choose bail over sitting in jail.

Bail Allows You to Continue Working

The upfront cost of paying the bail bondsman will often pale in comparison to the lost wages you will suffer while sitting in jail. In addition to losing money, there is no guarantee your job will be waiting for you after you are released. Posting bail means that even if you are not able to leave jail for a few days, you can still talk to your employer and hope to save your job.

Remember, depending upon the severity of your crime, you could spend several weeks or even months in jail before your trial.

Bail Allows You to Create a Defense Strategy With Your Attorney

Your attorney will only be allowed limited access to you while you are in jail. Additionally, your access to technology will be limited. This means that you cannot help research a defense strategy for your own case, and your attorney will also be less effective while working with you.

Posting bail means that you are free to work with your attorney in the comfort of your home or their office to create an effective defense strategy. While you await your trial, you could also work toward having your charges reduced or even dropped.

Bail Prevents You From the Harm That Sometimes Comes With Sitting in Jail

Finally, one of the most important reasons why you should seek release on bail is your personal security and safety. No matter where you live, the conditions in jail are almost always poor, and staying there means you are putting yourself at risk. Staying in jail could even make your legal issues worse.

For example, while you are in jail, you could have an issue with another inmate or a guard. This could mean additional charges filed against you, which in turn could mean spending even longer in jail awaiting your trial.

If you are ever arrested, remember that in the majority of cases, it is prudent to seek bail bond services rather than to spend any unnecessary time in jail.