Bail Enforcement Services When A Client Skips A Court Date

A bail bonds company takes a chance when bailing out a person in jail. Once the bail bond is written and the incarcerated person is released, the bail bonds company is on the hook for the total bail amount until the next court date. If the bailed out person misses court and can't be found, a bail enforcement agency can be used to find the person and bring them back to court. If the person goes missing, the collateral used to secure the release can be liquidated. Bail enforcement services, otherwise known as a bounty hunter, will go and find the individual and has the right to arrest them once they are located.

Tracking Down Your Money

A fugitive apprehension agent will provide the tracking services you need when you have provided a bail bond for an individual who has gone missing. If you don't have a bounty hunter or bail enforcement services within your agency, it's time to work with a professional who can find your client. The bail enforcement agent may need to travel across the country to locate the individual and bring them back for you to get your bail amount back.

How Bail Enforcement Services Generally Work

While a fugitive apprehension agent may be able to use force, there are better ways to locate, secure and deliver a person to the authorities who has skipped a court date. Bail enforcement services will provide surveillance, do background checks, and contact friends or family members to try and locate the defendant. They may try to trick the defendant into coming in, or persuade those that have provided collateral to give up the location of the defendant.

The Cost of a Fugitive Recovery Agent

Bail enforcement services usually work on a contingency basis. If the defendant isn't found, the agent doesn't get paid. You will need to learn about your specific laws around bail enforcement services, as some states don't allow a fugitive apprehension agent to make an arrest. A good bounty hunter will know the regulations around finding and securing a defendant, and they will have the skills you want when it comes to bringing your defendant back to court.

If you run a bail bonds company and you have a big bond skip town, it's time to find the bail enforcement services you need. Once the defendant is returned, you will get your bail amount back from the court.